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Decision- making for those no longer able to handle personal affairs

Protective & Supportive

Advocating on behalf of vulnerable adults

Good Grief Center

Providing berevement support for people of all ages

Cart to Heart

Grocery shopping service

Checks & Balance

Bill paying and representative payee services


Daily wellness calls to seniors who live alone

Family Dinner_ Ursuline Support Services

At Your Service

Ursuline Support Services offers an array of adult and senior social services, seeking to meet the needs of individuals in our communities and enable independence through many of life’s transitions. We offer three different social service programs to improve the lives of our participants. From Guardianship, Protective & Supportive Services, Independence Support Services , we are committed to providing social and human services across various spectrums of need. Our staff members and volunteers are dedicated to the safety, well-being and comfort of our participants.

Whether it’s helping an individual balance his or her budget through Checks & Balance or ensuring that an individual is safe and cared for through our Protective & Supportive Services. Ursuline, in partnership with Allegheny County, offers social services to meet the needs of community members. We strive to make the day-to-day life easier for anyone seeking our social or supportive services.