Checks & Balance

Checks & Balance

Checks & Balance

Ursuline Support Services’ Checks & Balance is a volunteer bill-paying program sponsored by the Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging (AAA), along with representative payee services in conjunction with Social Services Administration (SSA).

Volunteer Bill-paying

This program assists adults and those with disabilities who have difficulty maintaining their monthly financial obligations, matching trained volunteers with individuals who need help budgeting and assuring their bills are paid on time. The volunteers prepare bills for payment, assist with check writing, ensure that payments are posted in a timely manner and help balance client checkbooks.

Representative Payee

When an individual is no longer able to manage their monthly financial obligations, they may request the support of an Ursuline Representative Payee through the SSA. Individuals who qualify for this support relinquish all control of monthly benefits and bill-paying to the Rep Payee. Ursuline assumes responsibility for the participant’s financial obligations and provides the individual with a monthly stipend for incidentals from remaining assets. A program representative meets with these consumers one-on-one to assess their individual needs. If an individual’s needs ever exceed the Checks & Balance program offerings, the consumer is directed to other appropriate agencies and services in Allegheny County.

Individual Assessment

All participants of the Checks & Balance program are assessed by the program director to determine the appropriate level of support from available resources or necessary additional referrals. If you or someone you know would like more information about the Checks & Balance program, please contact us at 412-224-4700.