Service Coordination

Service Coordination

Ursuline Support Services is continually looking to expand its services to meet the ever-changing needs of seniors through residential Service Coordination efforts. 

Supportive Living Enhancement Program (SLEP)

The goal of the Supportive Living Enhancement Program (SLEP) program is to enrich, educate and empower the residents we serve. We’re accomplishing this through our staff of coordinators who help meet the needs of residents.

Common requests include acquiring adaptive equipment and in-home support, along with health or financial benefits information and application support.

The addition of public housing service coordination was a natural extension of the services already provided by Ursuline to the elderly and disabled in our community.

Our Service Coordinators advocate for individuals and provide them with community resources. Through the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) and private property management companies across Allegheny County, our Service Coordinators work directly with residents to arrange socialization activities, health supports and annual rent rebate applications.

Service coordinators also facilitate informational and educational presentations for over 1,000 residents in the buildings and communities we serve. Ursuline’s consistent weekly presence in buildings we service has helped to develop trusting, supportive relationships with residents and building management. 

Eviction Prevention Program (EPP) 
After more than 10 years of providing SLEP services to the HACP, the Housing Authority asked Ursuline in 2019 to pilot the Eviction Prevention Program (EPP), a specialized service coordination program to assist family community residents struggling to maintain safe and appropriate housing with HACP due to non-payment of regular monthly rent. Quite a few residents owed large outstanding rental amounts for various reasons, including loss/lack of income, physical/mental health issues, lack of adequate budgeting skills, drug/alcohol addiction, domestic violence, and many more. One of the first steps in the pilot program was to connect residents to resources for rental assistance while making financial literacy and budgeting training available to program participants.

Emergency Housing Choice Voucher Program (EHV) 
The EPP effort evolved in the spring of 2022 with the addition of a coordinator to work exclusively with HACP Emergency Housing Choice Voucher (HCV, Section 8) referrals received through the Allegheny County Department of Human Services’ programs for victims of homelessness, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. Once again, an Ursuline Service Coordinator stepped forward to help USS transition into this new collaborative effort with HACP.